InstaIling the New Inverter Day 3

This is where we left off yesterday.  After tearing out a few more electrical pieces we went off to Lowes.  The main thing I needed was a small load box.DSC02471

This is the schematic for just the remote control for the inverter!DSC02473

This is the schematic for the new Inverter, the old one had two wire and plugged into a outlet.DSC02475

You may not notice it in the picture, but I have removed the entire main panel and lowered it 1/4 inch.DSC02476

This is the small sub-panel I went to Lowe’s to get, now comes the fun. The dimension stated does not include the cover.  😦


After removing the cover and installing the breakers and ground plane plus putting in the main power input this is what I have.  I then spent 45 minutes cutting the sides off the cover as you have to put a cover on for safety purposes – things don’t get easy.  This will provide the circuits for all the outlets, the TV/Stereo setups, and the microwave.  These are the items we want to be able to run off of the inverter when we don’t have outside AC power nor want to run the generators.  I have left a 20 amp breaker open for future expansion.  I have already run a separate 120 volt AC circuit just for the airbed.DSC02479

I then prepped the inverter for the move tomorrow.  The batteries (four of them) will tie into the little black box at the end of the 18″ red cable.  That box is a DC 200 AMP circuit breaker.  The control panel on the front of the inverter will be taken off and moved (via remote cable) to the main control area inside the RV.DSC02478

With rain off and on today, plus the trip to Lowe’s, an electrical supply shop, a short walk, and the fruit/veggie stand we only got in about 5 hour of work.

We started the neighborhood fire at 6:45 tonight and were rained out by 7:45!  We hope the rain runs its course tonight, but it is raining pretty hard right now!

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Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. –  1 Chronicles 16:8  

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