Moving to Pensacola Florida

Today is a combination of Sunday and Monday.  Both days are travel days so there wasn’t much to talk about yesterday. 

We started out Sunday morning going back to Orchard Christian Center in Lake City.  We enjoyed a great sermon from Pastor Eddie.  After having Dr. Debra give me the one-two about losing 40 pounds I didn’t get the wonderful donuts they had before the service.  😦

We planned on leaving Ocean Pond at 12:30, but after lots of goodbyes and hugs, & then emptying all the tanks on the RV, & then filling up the fresh water tank (from a very slow hose) we got away at 2 PM.  

This beautiful rig pulled into the camp before we left.

What a nice paint job.

                                        What a nice paint job.  Truck and fifth wheel!

 Shortly after heading west on Interstate 10 we ran into some rain. And some more rain, and more rain.  We had planned on overnighting at Homes Rest Area (I think the biggest rest area on I-10 in Florida), but when we stopped to get diesel and gas (for the generators and ATV) at Flying J we saw it was 5 PM and decided to spend the night.  After all they had a Denny’s Restaurant on site.  Flying J’s and Pilots are where we usually stop for fuel as we get a discount and there is never any problem getting in.  Flying J is our favorite as they have special fuel islands for RV’s.  They also have a restaurant, laundry, nice restrooms, a lounge to rest in and even showers.  Here is where we spent the night, right in the pretty grove of trees.  We haven’t spent a night at a Flying J in a while, and it took a little time getting used to the noise of trucks coming and going.  That settled down by 10 PM.  I was so tired I was in bed by 9 and even forgot to take my pills. 20150322_170847

We got away the next morning after breakfast (remember the Denny’s?.  :),  I had a “healthy” Grand Slam breakfast and it was pretty good. 

Our destination is Pensacola Florida and a four-day Passport America rally.  Passport is the original discount RV park people.  You can check them out a  If you want to join (and we firmly suggest all RVers do) use our number R-0265685 and we get some type of spiffs. 🙂

Here we are all set up at the equestrian center in Pensacola;


                                  …here is the pile of manure in front us! 


They cleaned it up about 3 hours after the prison inmates shoveled it out of the stalls.  Flies, Flies, Flies.  Miss Peggy seemed okay about the inmates (she even wanted to take a snack over to them – but there more than  10 & we didn’t have that much snacks – besides the guys with the guns might not have liked it), but boy is she upset about the flies!  Florida makes very good use of inmates and I am happy to see them out working and making a little money. 

Someone ask where both sets of batteries are – look on either side of the steps.  This the last photo of the inverter with the AC electrical hooked up.



Here are a few pictures of the opening diner tonight at the rally.

DSC02509 DSC02514 20150323_204632


We hope we pick up a few pointers for our upcoming work at Franklin RV Park.

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Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. –  1 Chronicles 16:8  

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InstaIling the New Inverter Day 3

This is where we left off yesterday.  After tearing out a few more electrical pieces we went off to Lowes.  The main thing I needed was a small load box.DSC02471

This is the schematic for just the remote control for the inverter!DSC02473

This is the schematic for the new Inverter, the old one had two wire and plugged into a outlet.DSC02475

You may not notice it in the picture, but I have removed the entire main panel and lowered it 1/4 inch.DSC02476

This is the small sub-panel I went to Lowe’s to get, now comes the fun. The dimension stated does not include the cover.  😦


After removing the cover and installing the breakers and ground plane plus putting in the main power input this is what I have.  I then spent 45 minutes cutting the sides off the cover as you have to put a cover on for safety purposes – things don’t get easy.  This will provide the circuits for all the outlets, the TV/Stereo setups, and the microwave.  These are the items we want to be able to run off of the inverter when we don’t have outside AC power nor want to run the generators.  I have left a 20 amp breaker open for future expansion.  I have already run a separate 120 volt AC circuit just for the airbed.DSC02479

I then prepped the inverter for the move tomorrow.  The batteries (four of them) will tie into the little black box at the end of the 18″ red cable.  That box is a DC 200 AMP circuit breaker.  The control panel on the front of the inverter will be taken off and moved (via remote cable) to the main control area inside the RV.DSC02478

With rain off and on today, plus the trip to Lowe’s, an electrical supply shop, a short walk, and the fruit/veggie stand we only got in about 5 hour of work.

We started the neighborhood fire at 6:45 tonight and were rained out by 7:45!  We hope the rain runs its course tonight, but it is raining pretty hard right now!

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Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. –  1 Chronicles 16:8  

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InstaIling the New Inverter & Dr. Debra Visits Ocean Pond

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 Sailor animated emoticon

After taking an extra-long walk, I started in the process of adding two new batteries and the new larger inverter.

 In this picture you will see the old inverter removed (it has the fins), now comes the problem the new inverter needs twice as much room as the old one :). DSC02460

To help this problem and the fact that I had to get on my hands and knees to see the gas gauge and generator controls, I decided to move them up from here (they are the two loose things) DSC02457

To here:

DSC02456 They are now out but not moved!  Why you ask – I thought this would be a 15 minutes project, just add wire and move them up four feet. Well the area above is solid wood so it took me 90 minutes to get the wires moved.  I found out there are 9 wires and I don’t have 9 different colors.

Dr. Debra came out to Ocean Pond Camp at 2 PM to check out Miss Peggy, Miss Mary Ann and myself.  She also brought a diet plan for me! DSC02462Miss Mary Ann getting an adjustment on her knee. 

DSC02465Miss Peggy getting her neck worked on.

DSC02464 …and yes Dr. Debra likes to talk.

 DSC02468She brought her puppy as she on her way to Fort Lauderdale.   

I started back on my project at 3:30; I finally got the generator controls installed. DSC02469

DSC02470This is the wiring behind the panel, what a mess!  I will be rewiring it. 

After another (shorter) walk we had a quick diner and went over to the community fire.

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“Your dead will live; their corpses will rise. You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy”    Isaiah 26:19 .

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Day of Rest and Family Visit

We started out slow today as Dr. Debra ask us to take it easy for 24 hours.  We got a call from Miss Peggy’s step sister that they had a change of plans and they were going to be going through Lake City today about noon.  Gosh had to shower and shave two days in a row. 

The Big Red Truck wanted to show off her new shoes.

Old Shoes

                   Old Shoes – think we got our monies worth out of them?

New Shoes  -  She is proud.

                                         New Shoes – She is proud. 

We did a couple of small projects, found out Miss Jackie & Randy read the GPS wrong and it would be 1:30 when they got into the area.  After a long walk (Dr. Debra scolded me about losing some more weight) we went into Lake City with stops at the post office and Wal-Mart.  We meet Miss Jackie & Randy at  Applebees.  Being it is St. Patrick’s Day I had corned beef and cabbage, the others had regular Applebee’s food.  After eating lunch and catching up on kids and grandkids we got back to Ocean Pond very late in the afternoon. 

I Couldn't get Randy to smile for the camera - he was smiled out for the day!

  I Couldn’t get Randy to smile for the camera – he was smiled out for the day! 

We had some fruit and veggies and went over the community campfire at Lenny & Mary Ann’s.  Seems Ken is out of the campfire mode, but he and Helen came over anyway. 🙂  We talked for hours around the campfire and solved some of the problems of camping in Bushnell, FL, the mail system, and Detroit.  I was still tired from Monday’s late night and was ready for bed tonight. 

Here are three picture as a blast from the past.

Official family portrait from 1984.

                                                 Official family portrait from 1984.

Miss Peggy and I on a no kids getaway in Tennesse.  There was snow on the table when we got up.

Miss Peggy and I on a no kids getaway in Tennessee. There was snow on the table when we got up.

Snorkeling with the kids in 1991.  Mike was reading somewhere!

       Snorkeling with the kids in 1991. Mike was reading somewhere!

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“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” 

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New Tire and Atlas Orthogonist

This is a big day for the Big Red Truck, she is getting new shoes!

She and I took off for Lake City right after 8 AM, got a breakfast sandwich at Hardee’s (yeah I know not part of my diet – but the truck insisted), we went to Tire Kingdom  to get her new shoes.  They put her up on the rack at 9 AM and she was done at 10:45.  It takes a while to balance and change out six big tires.  She was so proud she insisted on a wash, fresh diesel, and that I go to Wal-Mart for some “Freon” as the can went empty on Sunday’s refill.  Well – Wal-Mart was out of her brand, and I went to a place called Water Works for her wash.  She is too big to go through automatic car washes so it is wash by hand.  Being in a hurry I found out (too late) that Water Works is a dump.  The bays are all muddy and the hose you hold is so dirty it took six washes to get my hands clean.

Used to be a nice wash.

Used to be a nice wash.

We made a quick stop back at Ocean Pond for a bite of lunch.  We loaded up our friends Len & Mary Ann and took off for Valdosta, GA to see Dr. Debra Pavlovic-Oklochany.

Click on this link to read her story.

                                      Click on this link to read her story.

Dr. Debra owns Atlas Wellness of Valdosta and is a leader in the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist program, our son-in-law is Dr. George Sooley of Danville, IL is also a  Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist.  We hadn’t had x-ray updates in about 2 years and were ready for the entire package from Dr. Debra as we aren’t sure we will be able to see Dr. George prior to starting work April 1.  She had a very busy day and she takes lots of time with new clients.  Mary Ann was also there to see her.  Our appointment was late in the afternoon and we didn’t get out of her office until after 8 PM.   Click on this link Chirocorrection then hit YES.  Change the number to  

ACD  L 1.25 

Cervical  R .50 

Frontal  L 2.00 

Atlas Rotation Anterior `1.50 

Axis Rotation R 4.00 

Short Leg  Left 

Degeneration 2 

Hit continue, follow the instructions and you can see what good guys like Dr. Debra and Dr. George can do for you.  (These are my numbers)  Miss Peggy, Miss Mary and I all had adjustments today.

Dr. Debra is so interested in our life style that she is coming to Ocean Pond on Wednesday to check out how we live and do a check-up on the three of us!

She saw Docs doing things like this and she is interested.


After we left we went to Austin’s Cattle Company for a late dinner.  We returned home after 11 PM.  A very long day.

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“…to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.”

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