InstaIling the New Inverter & Dr. Debra Visits Ocean Pond

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After taking an extra-long walk, I started in the process of adding two new batteries and the new larger inverter.

 In this picture you will see the old inverter removed (it has the fins), now comes the problem the new inverter needs twice as much room as the old one :). DSC02460

To help this problem and the fact that I had to get on my hands and knees to see the gas gauge and generator controls, I decided to move them up from here (they are the two loose things) DSC02457

To here:

DSC02456 They are now out but not moved!  Why you ask – I thought this would be a 15 minutes project, just add wire and move them up four feet. Well the area above is solid wood so it took me 90 minutes to get the wires moved.  I found out there are 9 wires and I don’t have 9 different colors.

Dr. Debra came out to Ocean Pond Camp at 2 PM to check out Miss Peggy, Miss Mary Ann and myself.  She also brought a diet plan for me! DSC02462Miss Mary Ann getting an adjustment on her knee. 

DSC02465Miss Peggy getting her neck worked on.

DSC02464 …and yes Dr. Debra likes to talk.

 DSC02468She brought her puppy as she on her way to Fort Lauderdale.   

I started back on my project at 3:30; I finally got the generator controls installed. DSC02469

DSC02470This is the wiring behind the panel, what a mess!  I will be rewiring it. 

After another (shorter) walk we had a quick diner and went over to the community fire.

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