RV Budget

Most people don’t publish their budget, well-being Landyachty – The Frugal RVers we decided to publish our.  A few days after the end of each month we will publish our monthly expenses vs budget.  Please address any questions to us via email  on the main page right column.

2016 Budget Master

Above you will find our personal RVing budget for 2016.  It is based on past years’ experiences and our anticipated travels for the year. 

Remember, we keep track of every single penny.

We have set our 2015 Budget at $47,890 .  As we have mentioned many times, we believe that $3,000 per month ($36,000 per year ) on average is a solid budget for a moderate full-timing lifestyle for those that don’t stay in one place for longer than a month at a time.  We all full-time differently, so we all spend differently, but we hope our budget at least provides a good starting point for you.  In 2016 we are going to Alaska and this event alone added $11,250  to our annual our budget.

Here are a few additional notes regarding the budget.

For those that have higher incomes, those who stay on the move, and those with RV or other debt payments, it can be much more expensive.

For those that have lower incomes, those that like to Workamp, those that like to boondock & avoid campground fees, and those that simply like to stay put for a few months at a time, it can be much less expensive.

Our experience has been that workamping saves us about $700 per month with reductions in expenses primarily in the campground fees, fuel, food, entertainment, and miscellaneous categories. So, if we planned to workamp six months a year, our budget would be in the $2,500 per month ($30,000 per year) or less range. With some sacrifice, we could get that down around the $2,000 per month range, but anything less than that would be really tight for us.

(Click below to see monthly actual expenses.)

2016 Jan to March on Mission Assignment

2016 Budget February

2016 Budget March

April 2015 Expenses vs Budget

2015 Budget complete





We hope you enjoy our honesty.

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