Planning our Bug Out

Today we are getting ready to move further south.  I messed up the pictures of our projects so they will have to wait for a further post.  We are still cramming 6 lb of junk into a 5 lb garage.  We probably tossed or gave away 100 lbs of stuff we don’t need while at Ocean Pond.  We still have way too much stuff aboard.

Today’s projects were:

Mounting of the Port-a-Bote on the side of the fifth wheel, mounting of the bedroom flat screen TV, and mounting of the TV in the living room.

We had to make bracket backers from the boat mounts.  We uses 3/8″ thick birch for the project and had to give them two good coats of paint prior to mounting.  As they are through mounted to the left rear side of the fifthwheel, I didn’t want to hit or go through any of the structural studs, nor hit any wiring.  We had to work together to get the mounting places just right before we drilled the holes through the sides of the fifthwheel.  The only way to do this is that the boat goes 3 inches beyond the back of the fifthwheel, but not any further than the ladder on the back.

The TV mount in the bedroom had me reinforcing the back side of a closet with 1/2″ oak plywood (I had a piece left over from the cabinet projects), drilling a hole through the cabinet and plywood for the wires.  I mounted the swivel TV bracket with lag bolts and designed it so we can turn the TV against the wall when going down the road.  In travel mode the TV is supported by web strapping.

The TV mount in the living room had me taking out the existing oak panel behind the existing TV, putting in a piece of 1/2″ birch, and then putting the existing oak panel back into place.  We mounted the large TV bracket with lag bolts and screws.  It can project out 22 inches from the wall. and go back flat against the wall for transport.  It worked so well that I plan to put some mini  shelves behind the TV.  While doing this project I put a second shelf (oak plywood) in the large storage cabinet above the TV.

We finished out the day with a fast trip to Lake City to get 1) propane at Camping World, 2) diesel for the Dodge, and 3) Pizza at Little Caesars.  Once we got back we got an email about a package being at the Post Office in Lake City – General Delivery.  I guess we will pick it up while going through town in the rig in the morning.!!

“Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person”   –  Colossians 4:6

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