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 Many of you have wondered if something happened to us, well it did to Jim.  I had a minor accident in Dawson City, Yukon while panning for gold.  I was helping some folks learn how to pan while Miss Peggy was in the stream with a sluice working the ground!  I turned to answer a question and ran smack into a picnic table with my thigh.  I swear it moved 2 feet, but alas it was solid concrete.  After a few days it looked pretty bad and we went to the hospital/clinic in town.
The nice doc there assured us nothing was broken just very black and blue.  He gave me some HD pain meds, and started me on 3 antibiotic pills 4 times a day!
 Went back a couple of days later and the calf of my leg was swollen and getting a few blisters.  We back the third and fourth time, he lanced the blisters and felt this was the infection leaving my body.  He requested we get medical attention in Fairbanks.
We took off for the Top of The World Highway via Chicken AK, and I was running a 103 degree fever during those 2 day.  Arrived at Tok AK on Friday to pickup some refrigerated medication which had been overnighted to me.  It finally got there on Monday at noon.  Thank God it was still cold  enough.  
First day in Fairbanks I had to go to a dentist for emergency glueing of a cap!
 Second day I went to the clinic first thing, by now my leg looked like a bear had mauled me  (should have taken pics – the docs and hospital took enough!)  They put IV’s in both arms to flush out my system as I was have a bad reaction to the antibiotics.  At 7 PM they announced they were sending me home at 8 PM but were going to give me a mild antibiotic via the IV as I had a true surface infection.  By 8 PM I was covered in hives due to that antibiotic.
Fairbanks Mem
 Long story short I was admitted to the hospital for a few days were they totally cleaned me out, took my blood every 4 hours, gave me shots in the belly for blood clots (I never had any) and started me on a starvation diet.   They treated us great there, letting Miss Peggy stay, and even feeding her.  All in all it was on my back and out of it for about 3 weeks!
Good news was that my Doc in Fairbanks was an internal medicine person, she redid all my meds and supplements, put me on a very strict low carb diet. (135 a day – that used to be a meal).  I have lost  a few pants sizes, no longer take my insulin or metforin, and have done away with 2 of my 3 blood pressure meds.  I feel good, but we are now starting a slow trip back to the midwest for further medical review.
 We arrived in Anchorage to report to the clinic first thing and blood work is great.  We current are in Terrace, BC awaiting parts to repair our RV.  During this entire ordeal God has placed good people in our path to care for us.  
Tomorrow we will further update the blog as we will be in Terrace a couple of more days, and have found internet at the library and Tim Horton’s!
 Thank you all for your prayers.
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Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. – Psalms 37:7 

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