Whitehorse Northbound


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 This is the picture we took at Dawson Creek, BC inside the visitors center.
 It wasn’t snowing in there!20160520_110848

This is the oldest wooden bridge in Canada, just North of Dawson Creek. It was built as part of the WW II war effort for the Alaskan Highway. You can still drive over it in a large RV like ours, but walking was scary enough.  It has a 9 degree tilt to the right to keep water off which is probably while it is still standing.


We love to boondock. It saves money, allows us to enjoy the beauty of the area, and is part of the adventure. Look at this view from where we parked for two nights.


Panoramic view of me fishing at Muncho Lake


I caught about 9 lake trout, my first. You can only have in your possession 2 of legal size. As it started to rain we kept this 19 inch girl.  We should have kept another as it rained the rest of the day and I didn’t fish.


I cleaned the fish in the rain and the seagulls were there right away!  We ate it for lunch as the harder it rained the more sloppy my filleting got.


This is the picture at 11 PM from where I was fishing.  Last night I was still reading inside our RV at 11:15 PM with no lights on.  Ole Sol starts showing his face at 3:30 AM.


These are the blackout curtains Miss Peggy made for our bedroom. They are from a scrap of dark green sunbrella from out sailing days. A little velcro holds them in place.DSCF0797

 We went to the world-famous Liard hot springs.  The British Provincial Parks worked very hard to build (and maintain) this facility.  There is no road going the 1/2 mile to the hot springs, and all this material was brought in via ATV with a trailer!

If you notice the water is almost to my shoulder. I am setting on a stone bench they hauled in. Water is crystal clear.

Miss Peggy is sitting on a spillway they built to make the lower water 3-4 degrees cooler.  Below she is pointing out that the area has to be closed from time to time so Yogi and Boo-Boo can use it.

This is one of the sources of the hot springs, and the water coming out of here could cook a lobster. Liard PP is one of the best maintained parks in BC.


Another picture of the sign forest at Watson Lake.


We added our own sign, the one in the middle. FL 488 NNJ with our names, date, city, and of course Landyachty.com


Every year someone even counts the number of signs, as they are put up randomly you have to start the count over each year!


One of the many black bears along the road, we have yet to see the brown (grizzly).


Looking out the window you will see the wood bison (buffalo) laying down in the grass. We even saw them standing on the road eating the grass.


You always have to be camera ready, at 50 MPH (we aren’t speedy) sometimes the image is blurry

 Things we have missed on this trip:
Jif Peanut butter – Not in Canada, but they love peanut butter so there are real good substitutes.
Angel Soft Tissue – this shocked us, we will have a 9 week supply – maybe in Anchorage.
Western Salad Dressing – haven’t seen this since December, if we catch up with our friends Jim & Barb we may take their stash!
Sugar free items are in low supply but gluten free is available everywhere.
We love the variety of sausages and cold cuts, the seafood, fresh bakeries and of course poutine.
Very friendly and helpful folks at the visitors centers.  Most people are happy to see us and help us with our stupid questions.  Diesel runs 99 cents a liter so you do the math.  We have paid over $ 1.80 a liter – but didn’t buy much!  That’s about $3.75 a gallon of diesel, we had planned on a $5 average so we are happy.
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“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God”  Philippians 1:3

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