Sleepy Thursday in Orlando

We decided to sleep in today and boy did we.  We needed the rest.  I finally got up at 8:30 to work on some taxes and other bookkeeping.  Peggy – well a little later.

Today is laundry day as the sock drawer is looking empty!  Laundry at the campground is always interesting as you never know who you will meet.  Laundry here is eight washers and eight dryers.  We had so much we drove it up to the office building.  All the washers were open – all the dryers were being used, did I mention we sleep in?  It takes lots of quarters to do the pile of laundry we have.  I left Peggy at the office with the truck and walked back to continue with bookkeeping.  I saw here about 1 1/2 hours later.

After lunch we went to Camping World to get a few parts.  We prefer Amazon for our shopping but we needed a part today for a drawer repair.  Click on the link below and search for anything and I mean anything!

We were asked about our touring schedule for Universal.  We are using a cool app called Touring Plans.  Check out their link. for six bucks a year you can get plans for all the Disney parks, Universal parks, Disney cruises, and even Disney in California.  You can choose a plan to suit you, make your own, or modify one of their plans.  We are using a modified Senior plan.  No kids rides and we walk slower.  We took off the roller coasters Peggy doesn’t like, added where we want to eat, and when we want to take a break.  There website will evaluate and optimize your plan for the day you want to go.  You then put the app on your phone and tell it whenever you completed an event and it re-optimizes you plan for crowd activity, time of day, and even a ride breakdown.  It is really cool.  It even remembers the Disney schedules we used three years ago and we lapsed the annual fee during that time.  If you like efficiency and want to avoid walking to only find you are 5 minutes late for a show this is the deal.

This is a copy of our plan for tomorrow.  (The map doesn’t copy the route but it will on your phone app)

Evaluate & Optimize Your Plan

Basic Info: Universal 3

Universal Studios Florida
Friday, February 27, 2015
Park Hours:
9:00am – 7:00pm
Plan Times:
9:00am – 7:00pm

Enter via Main Entrance

Plan Summary:
Additional Notes:

Plan Preferences (optimize or evaluate to save settings)

Walking Speed:

Relaxed Average Fast
Waiting vs. Walking:

Balance Minimize

What type of Universal Express access you will have? Select the first option that applies.

Universal Express Unlimited (On-Site Hotel Guests and those with “Park-to-Park Ticket + Unlimited Express”)
Universal Express (available for purchase both online and in-park)
Premier Annual Pass

Your Plan Steps (drag to reorder)

  1. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts Edit X

    9:13am 20 5 0 8

  2. Transformers: The Ride-3D Edit X

    9:46am 0 5 0 2

  3. Revenge of the Mummy Edit X

    9:53am 4 5 0 5

  4. Disaster! – A Major Motion Picture Ride…Starring YOU Edit X

    10:07am 16 25 0 3

    Opens: 10:00am | Closes: 6:30pm
  5. Knight Bus Edit X

    10:51am 0 5 0 5

  6. Fast Food Boulevard Edit X

    11:01am 0 45 0 1

    11:00am for 45 minutes
    Conf #:
  7. The Simpsons Ride Edit X

    11:47am 12 8 0 4

  8. E.T. Adventure Edit X

    12:11pm 9 8 0 2

    Opens: 10:00am | Closes: 7:00pm
  9. A Day in the Park With Barney Edit X

    12:30pm 15 25 0 6

    Showtimes: 11:30am, 12:45pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:15pm
  10. Street Scenes Edit X

    1:16pm 0 10 0 1

  11. Preview Center Edit X

    1:27pm 0 60 0 4

  12. The Blues Brothers Show Edit X

    2:31pm 14 15 0 3

    Showtimes: 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:45pm, 3:50pm
  13. TWISTER…Ride It Out Edit X

    3:03pm 8 18 0 3

  14. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Edit X

    3:32pm 16 4 0 2

  15. Shrek 4-D Edit X

    3:54pm 8 20 0 2


Plan Options

Optimize Based on latest estimates and real-time lines data, let our computers determine the most efficient order for your touring plan steps.
Evaluate We’ll assess the attraction order listed above and update your arrival and wait times.
View & Print Happy with your plan? Click here and we’ll provide you with a print optimized version of your custom touring plan.

Believe me the app on the phone looks much better.

Tonight we are going to watch the first Harry Potter movie on our new surround system which was given to us by friends at the RV-Dreams Boondocking Rally.

 Off to Universal tomorrow!

Rejoice always;
pray without ceasing;
in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

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