Day of Rest and Family Visit

We started out slow today as Dr. Debra ask us to take it easy for 24 hours.  We got a call from Miss Peggy’s step sister that they had a change of plans and they were going to be going through Lake City today about noon.  Gosh had to shower and shave two days in a row. 

The Big Red Truck wanted to show off her new shoes.

Old Shoes

                   Old Shoes – think we got our monies worth out of them?

New Shoes  -  She is proud.

                                         New Shoes – She is proud. 

We did a couple of small projects, found out Miss Jackie & Randy read the GPS wrong and it would be 1:30 when they got into the area.  After a long walk (Dr. Debra scolded me about losing some more weight) we went into Lake City with stops at the post office and Wal-Mart.  We meet Miss Jackie & Randy at  Applebees.  Being it is St. Patrick’s Day I had corned beef and cabbage, the others had regular Applebee’s food.  After eating lunch and catching up on kids and grandkids we got back to Ocean Pond very late in the afternoon. 

I Couldn't get Randy to smile for the camera - he was smiled out for the day!

  I Couldn’t get Randy to smile for the camera – he was smiled out for the day! 

We had some fruit and veggies and went over the community campfire at Lenny & Mary Ann’s.  Seems Ken is out of the campfire mode, but he and Helen came over anyway. 🙂  We talked for hours around the campfire and solved some of the problems of camping in Bushnell, FL, the mail system, and Detroit.  I was still tired from Monday’s late night and was ready for bed tonight. 

Here are three picture as a blast from the past.

Official family portrait from 1984.

                                                 Official family portrait from 1984.

Miss Peggy and I on a no kids getaway in Tennesse.  There was snow on the table when we got up.

Miss Peggy and I on a no kids getaway in Tennessee. There was snow on the table when we got up.

Snorkeling with the kids in 1991.  Mike was reading somewhere!

       Snorkeling with the kids in 1991. Mike was reading somewhere!

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“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” 

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New Tire and Atlas Orthogonist

This is a big day for the Big Red Truck, she is getting new shoes!

She and I took off for Lake City right after 8 AM, got a breakfast sandwich at Hardee’s (yeah I know not part of my diet – but the truck insisted), we went to Tire Kingdom  to get her new shoes.  They put her up on the rack at 9 AM and she was done at 10:45.  It takes a while to balance and change out six big tires.  She was so proud she insisted on a wash, fresh diesel, and that I go to Wal-Mart for some “Freon” as the can went empty on Sunday’s refill.  Well – Wal-Mart was out of her brand, and I went to a place called Water Works for her wash.  She is too big to go through automatic car washes so it is wash by hand.  Being in a hurry I found out (too late) that Water Works is a dump.  The bays are all muddy and the hose you hold is so dirty it took six washes to get my hands clean.

Used to be a nice wash.

Used to be a nice wash.

We made a quick stop back at Ocean Pond for a bite of lunch.  We loaded up our friends Len & Mary Ann and took off for Valdosta, GA to see Dr. Debra Pavlovic-Oklochany.

Click on this link to read her story.

                                      Click on this link to read her story.

Dr. Debra owns Atlas Wellness of Valdosta and is a leader in the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist program, our son-in-law is Dr. George Sooley of Danville, IL is also a  Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist.  We hadn’t had x-ray updates in about 2 years and were ready for the entire package from Dr. Debra as we aren’t sure we will be able to see Dr. George prior to starting work April 1.  She had a very busy day and she takes lots of time with new clients.  Mary Ann was also there to see her.  Our appointment was late in the afternoon and we didn’t get out of her office until after 8 PM.   Click on this link Chirocorrection then hit YES.  Change the number to  

ACD  L 1.25 

Cervical  R .50 

Frontal  L 2.00 

Atlas Rotation Anterior `1.50 

Axis Rotation R 4.00 

Short Leg  Left 

Degeneration 2 

Hit continue, follow the instructions and you can see what good guys like Dr. Debra and Dr. George can do for you.  (These are my numbers)  Miss Peggy, Miss Mary and I all had adjustments today.

Dr. Debra is so interested in our life style that she is coming to Ocean Pond on Wednesday to check out how we live and do a check-up on the three of us!

She saw Docs doing things like this and she is interested.


After we left we went to Austin’s Cattle Company for a late dinner.  We returned home after 11 PM.  A very long day.

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Church and Sunday Repairs

We started out this morning going to The Orchard Community Church in Lake City.  We think this will be our church when we return to Lake City.  First off they meet at a skating rink. That’s right, every Sunday morning they put chairs on the skate floor and take them down after the services.  Evidently,  it is working out so well so that they just purchased the building and will be turning the skating rink plus other venues into a Christian  family fun center.    They also have service in Live Oak and Jasper Florida, and are starting their fourth campus in South Ridge on Easter Sunday.  Pastor Eddie and his wife started this ministry a few years ago and with God’s blessing.  They now have a great staff and are on four campus’.  Pastor Eddie stays at the Lake City Campus.

Pastor Eddie is a dynamite preacher!

                                  Pastor Eddie is a dynamite preacher!

We spent the rest of the day cleaning the truck including the battery terminals and a total vacuum of the RV.  Before going over to our friends for a campfire, we made a little fire of our own and tried out  some campfire pies using our fire iron.


Here are a couple of what we did tonight:

Hot Ham and Cheese
Place slice of bread, buttered side down, into cooker. Place slice of ham and slice of cheese on bread. Add Dijon mustard and cover with remaining slice of bread, buttered side up. Close cooker, latch handles and grill to golden brown.

BLT Special
Fill whole wheat bread with sliced tomatoes, crisp bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise. Toast sandwich for 3 to 4 minutes in pie iron.

Cheese Steak
Fill whole wheat bread in cooker cavity, buttered side down. Add cubed, cooked beef, cheese, onions and pepper. Cover with remaining piece of bread, buttered side up. Close grill and latch handles. Bake for approximately 5 minutes.

Cherry Fried Pie
Place cherry pie filling between your choice of bread buttered on both sides.  Grill until golden brown. Sprinkle with sugar and serve.

We plan to do these, once we are organized at the Franklin RV Park, as evening snack specials.  We will also be working on a pizza pie in the future.

Update from Yesterday

I had problems (again) after posting so many pictures and couldn’t get everything in last night.  After leaving the Civil War Reenactment yesterday we drove to Sam’s Club to take the old batteries back for a refund of the battery core charge.  We decide to go on the county roads back to Lake City through Butler Lake, Florida – hey it sounded exotic.  Tripadvisor listed seven restaurants in Butler Lake.  The first we couldn’t even find, the second was closed for good, as was the third.  The fourth was the cafe in the hospital, and we couldn’t find the rest of them.  Hey there was a new Hardees in town so that is there we stopped.  So much for the exotic Butler Lake Florida!

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Luke 12:15

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Mini-Road Trip and The Civil War

Things were peaceful at Ocean pond but that was going to change for us.

Things were peaceful at Ocean pond but that was going to change for us.

...not a soul was stirring not even a mouse!

...not a soul was stirring not even a mouse!

We  showered and were off to Williston, Florida.


We are off to Kirby Family Farm. where there is going to be a Civil War reenactment today.  We have never been to one of these and The Battle of Olustee and Battle of Ocean Pond was fought in Baker County, Florida on February 20, 1864, during the American Civil War. It was the largest battle fought in Florida during the war. We missed the 151st anniversary of this battle in February which was held a mile from Ocean Pond where they had a very big reenactment, so we are doing the next best thing.

The first thing we were greeted by was the train.

The first thing, we were greeted by was the train.

This is a small family owned park with the object of Christian family fun and education.  The owners are young. Tracy Kirby explains their mission in this Christmas Video.   Tracy being a former teacher loves to custom mold a full education day for school groups at their 157 acre farm.

When they found the train (above) in a woods, it was less than 1 hour from the farm.  They had it trucked over in sections, laid some rail (1.3 miles) and started working on getting it running.  During this process they found out it wasn’t a replica train but the real deal converted steam engine from the 1880’s.  If it was restored to the original condition it would be worth over 3 million today!

Her she comes for our ride.

                                            Here she comes for our ride.

We found out that the reenactors live on the farm in tents during this four-day event,DSC02394 Venders come to sell their ware (and also live in tents) and people are there with food for sale of course.  We opted for some frybread!

                                                       Yes, they used amps!


Preacher getting ready to pray over the wounded and dying.


This lad played with the toy guns for ever.


                          Field hospital getting ready for the wounded.

We took our fry bread and bottle water and got seats 1 hour before the battle. Even then, we were in the second row.  The announcer is a PhD from North Dakota that is a history professor and boy was he good.
The lines formed with the cannons on each side for the field.
The Battle Begins
20150314_142143DSC02430DSC02437DSC02427The train arrives with union troops, but is attacked by rebel cavalry.DSC0240820150314_143216
20150314_143141Reloading is slow.20150314_142949
We had very close seats as most of the battle was on this side of the field.

Some of the rebs are very young.


After the 55 minute battle all the troops lined up and gave a fired salute to our current troops overseas.


After the fighting had worn us out we returned to Ocean Pond (scene of the real civil war battle) and enjoyed a campfire with friends.

Big Red Truck Repairs and Geocaching


I got up early today and went into Lake City while Miss Peggy was still in bed. 

Early for me. 

My first stop was Wal-Mart for full synthetic oil (12 quarts – $62.82) for the Big Red Truck.  Next was Tire World to talk about tires, then Lake City Tires, and lastly to Tire KingdomTire Kingdom finally solved the mystery as to why there are two Michelin tires with the same number (LTX m/S2) but different prices.  Michelin is doing a slight change in the makeup of this model tire and the old version is $15 less.  They found six of the old version tires in Dallas (that’s Texas) and I couldn’t justify the shipping to save $90 let alone not know when they will get to Lake City. 

Tire Kingdom guys were really helpful and the prices were pretty close (not far from Discount Tire or Sam’s Club) so we ordered the new version of the tires, for an install on Monday morning. 

We had budgeted $1500.00 for tire replacement and it will come to $1482.90. 

tire k

Then it was off to Advance Auto to get two fog light bulbs for the Big Red Truck as one burnt out.  (I wanted to move up to a higher output fog light so I bought a pair at $29.00, ouch!).  I also bought some Marvel Mystery Oil to soak the head of our outboard motor in as it hasn’t been run in two years.  Finally my last stop was Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed, $57.77 plus the cost of the oil at Wal-Mart.  I called Miss Peggy and found out that Shirley’s Restaurant in Lake City had all you can eat shrimp for a lunch special for $8.95.  I picked her up and back to Lake City we went.  Great Shrimp. 


We had met Karen a number of days ago.  She is a single retired gal who built her own RV from a new GM Sprinter Super Van and has been full timing  for 1 year this month.  She travels with two cats and lets them roam where ever she parks, and they love it.  She was telling us about geocaching a few days ago so we downloaded an app for our phone while at Shirley’s.  On the way back to Ocean Pond we tried to find a couple of geocaches to no avail.  We realized that we needed to put our  ATV’s GPS into the loop for this project. 

I need to calibrate my GPS!

I need to calibrate my GPS!

Geocaching is where someone hides the “cache” and you are supposed to find it using your GPS coordinates or other directions.  Back at camp while I was topping off the air conditioner in the Big Red Truck with “Freon”,  Miss Peggy dug out our GPS from the ATV, and I  put in the coordinates of a “cache” close to the camp.  Before we walked to it, 2 other people came over to help us.  I ended up ankle deep in the swamp coming out with thorn punctures all over my arms.  I must have typed in the wrong number.   By then another person showed up to assistance us.  We put another set of coordinates into the GPS and took off looking for another “cache”.  One of the guys “helping” was called back to his camp by his wife, but another then showed up to “help”.  We finally found this one, wrote our date and Miss Peggy’s geocache name “Landyachty2” in the notebook inside this “cache”.  So after 90 minutes of looking, we found numerous mosquitoes, five new friends, one “Cache”, swamp water in my shoes, and one tick!  We could have done without the last guy.  After coming out of the woods. two more geo-trekkers came up.  We were invited to go to dinner about 20 miles away with a bunch of geo-trekkers and off to a gathering tomorrow – all day!  Having to change shoes, find bandages, strip down for a tick search, and get bug spray – we declined.  Now we aren’t saying this geocaching “fun” is all bad for us, but further adventures may be done from the back of our ATV!

People leave some of their "goodies" inside this geocache.

         People left some of their “goodies” inside this geocache.

Tomorrow – weather providing – we are off for a big adventure and mini-road trip.

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 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

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