British Columbia – We have Arrived!!


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We didn’t have the border crossing into Canada that we were looking for.   We got into the wrong lane at the Canadian Border.  We got into the “commercial lane” come on we are almost 60 feet long.  Then we were told it was shift change time – we had to wait.  Then we had to go inside, lots of questions about the fact we have concealed carry permits and where are our handguns?  (In Florida of course)  After another 45 minutes of questions and sit and wait they finally let us into Canada and they never inspected the inside of our rig!!
We then spent the night at an abandoned Target store and went shopping at the Costco (you can’t take produce, eggs, fruit, or fresh meat across the border).  We felt like we were in a foreign country and we didn’t mean Canada.  Half the folks shopping didn’t speak english, the money was different, the weight systems were different and we were tired.  Welcome to Canada!!!!
The next day we spent the night next to the roadway (dry camping) and this was our view.  The lady at the welcome center in the very tiny town we were close to was very friendly and kind and told us some of the best places to get pictures.
The following day this was the sunset by the lake we camped close to.
Peggy navigates using 3 atlas’ and a guidebook called Mile Post.
We stopped at Lac La Hache (roughly means hatchet by the lake).  We tried to troll but the boat ride was more fun.
We saw this bald eagle two different days.  We listened to the loons call to each other at night.  It was nice.
Yes that is a seaplane on the lake – it is 11 miles long.
The white dot to the left of the two buildings is our RV.
DSCF0657 DSCF0689
What a nice setting and great owners of the park.
Don’t I look like I haven’t fished in fresh water for over 20 years?  My gear is as rusty and I am.  I am sure the fish are laughing.
We stopped at Hell’s Gate where the Fraser river narrows to its tightest point.  
Miss Peggy had to sit down.
DSCF0622 DSCF0625 DSCF0621
We had to take a tram across the river – this is the view down.
During the building of the railroad a rock slide fell into the river making the area where the salmon move upstream to span very narrow and over the next few years millions of salmon died here.  They built these special fish water ways so that the salmon can move through the narrows.
DSCF0628 DSCF0602
We moved on to the town of Chetwynd BC where every year they have a world-class chainsaw carving – they have over 100 of these huge carving.
Chetwynd 2
Chetwynd 1
chetwynd 4
The next day we left only to run into this – snow.  150 miles north it was in the 60’s and 100 miles to the south it was also in the 60’s.
We holed up at Camp Wal-Mart for 2 nights waiting the freak storm to move past.
We installed this wall heater last year and we had even taken it off the wall and into storage!  We broke it back out and remounted it.  Most RV furnaces are about 45% efficient this unit is 98%, and we choose a model that has the nice blue flame look.  It sure has kept us toasty.
While in Dawson City holing up from the storm we did the tourist things.  Here is our picture at mile 0 on the Alaska Highway during snow.
Tomorrow we move north into warmer weather!! 
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Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. – Psalms 37:7 

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4 thoughts on “British Columbia – We have Arrived!!

  1. Love your description of your days and your wonderful pictures. I am so glad I have been inside your RV so I know what you are talking about!



  2. Absolutely beautiful! So glad you both are experiencing Gods country! Love the bald eagles! Hope you caught lots of fish, Jim. After some practice that is. Lol

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