Oregon – The Land of Friendly Folks!

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Leaving San Francisco in our rear view mirror we head north into Oregon and have to say everyone we met was glad to see us. 


Can you say really big, these are the redwood trees, they are some of the largest trees in the world!

 Most of the big ones were cut down years ago for lumber – such a shame.


Yes, this is US HWY 101 and we are pulling the fifth wheel through this 3 mile stretch; praying all the way to not meet a semi!


This is at a beach area in South Oregon, the long pipe comes from a fish cleaning station and the parts slide into the Pacific Ocean to the waiting seals.


We camped along the Umpqua River in Central Oregon. This river is feed by Crater Lake and goes to the ocean.


We were told about a wonderful cascading hot springs a few miles from our camp that emptied into the Umpqua River.


We found out this was “Clothing Optional” – but not for the old man and Miss Peggy.


They didn’t tell us it was a 600′ straight up climb to the hot springs, and me without my hiking stick or cane.


Forgot to mention we bought a new camera for the trip, do you like this panoramic shot of the ocean?

After the fun at the hot springs we drove over to Crater Lake the next day.  It is the deepest and most pure lake in the USA.

At almost 8,000 feet it is feed only by snow and clear rain.


We had a grilled cheese at the lodge on the left, the building is three stories high with kids sliding on the snow off the roof. They get 14 to 40 feet of snow a year!


To get into the buildings they erect these steel tunnels in the fall, not only is the tunnel covered by the snow but as you saw it can go up 3 stories. Their goal is to have all the snow cleared off the roads by July 4th.


This rare redhead hottie made a appearance. We estimated that she is standing on top of a 18 foot high snow build up, the green next to her is the top of a tree!


A view of the Crater Lake area from Diamond Lake about 20 miles away.


We went to the beautiful seaside village called Bandon by The Sea.


Miss Peggy’s cousin Kendall lives here and we haven’t seen her in years, we were so glad we spent a few days here!


Miss Peggy forgot how mowing felt so she tried out Kendall’s electric mower.


We unloaded the ATV and went on the dunes and ocean beach in North Bend OR.

Leaving the Coos Bay area we went to Brighton for some R and R.
Kelly’s has got to be one of the best places we stayed, not only for the beautiful views but the fine people who own this.
We’re rig in the middle with flag a-flying, by Monday morning we were the only rig. 

Site right on the bay!


The sunsets every night.


Oh yeah – catching your own crabs!


Nothing like eating dungeness  crabs pulled out of the bay just minutes before – oh yeah garlic butter up to my elbows!


We also visited Tillamook Cheese (twice) they make 167,000 pounds of cheese a day!


Someone from Yellow Mountain NC needs to zoom in on the semi truck delivering milk and see who the drive is. This a a totally co-op owned plant.

While in Tillamook we visited the  Tillamook Air Museum which is an aviation museum within a museum. The museum is housed in a former military blimp hangar, called “Hangar B”, which is the largest clear-span wooden structure in the world


This WWII picture shows both blimp hangers.

Another picture from WWII showing 8 blimps in the hanger.  There were 17 blimps housed at this navy base.  Yes these were ships of the air not classified as planes. They had a ships wheel and carried a crew of 12-14.  They are so big that some of them held a plane inside the bay that was dropped out to later land back at the base.  They carried bombs, depth charges, and machine guns but usually radioed the subs location to chaser boats.  They could do 50 knots a hour with a 40 hour range.  They patrolled the west coast for Japanese submarines.
The item on the tracks is a train engine, to its right is a blimp!!  Right now a collection of planes is housed in the hanger.
Look at the size of these sliding doors which still have to work to let the planes in and out.
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