San Francisco or Bust!

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 After we took off ten days to go visit family we finally got on the road for our Alaska trip!
Our first stop was Gila Bend, AZ where we left out RV while we flew back to the midwest.  Happy to see the AZ sunrises!

The flowers of the desert are just now starting to pop out of the cactus.





CR sunset AZ

We are happy to be able to attract the hummers back to us.

CR woodpecker

Of course we went ATVing, here to visit a gold mine.


Gila Bend has one of the largest concentrations of petroglyphs in the world.  There are thousands of them in the middle of nowhere covering the size of a football field.


Here is actual graffiti from 1908, the Indian petroglyphs are thousands of years old.


On the way to the site we saw many dust devils.


We stayed across the bridge, north of SF in the town of Novato at Novato RV Park.  They are a little pricey for our budget at 80 bucks a day but we are in the SF area. The first day we were to start our SF visit we woke up to start Big Red and the alternator had bitten the dust.  We found a shop that could fix it that day and also give us a loaner.

It was a rainy afternoon once we got into the loaner – so we went a visited 3 cheese factories in the area.  We ate out very good lunch from the Marin French Cheese Co.   at the pond at their creamery.  Thanks to CA laws we couldn’t tour any of the factories, guess they think we are germ bags!  We did buy cheese at three locations, at Cowgirl Creamery  (goat cheese) we not only bought some of their stock but also goat cheese from Greenfield IN  Miss Peggy’s home town!


Friday we drove a few miles down the road from Novato RV with a new ($500) alternator to the ferry terminal at Larkspur and took the 30 minute ride to SF.  Tens of thousand of people use the Golden Gate Ferry System daily to commute to work in SF.  Once there we rode on one of the old trolley cars the F Line to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Ferry cost (for old folks) was $5.25 and the F Line was one buck.  We had a bunch of points left from so we added a few bucks and stayed at the Holiday Inn at Fisherman’ s Wharf.


We ate lunch at the Pier Market Restaurant at pier 39.  It was so good we went back for supper!  We had crab, shrimp, cod, etc.  Boy were we pigs.


You can’t go to SF with out riding the cable car, we went from one end to the other and back $28 each – what happened to the good prices on the F Line?


A lot of people forked out the $28 for the ride and some of them are commuters!


Check out the Sea Lions.  Man I was ready for a nap too!


Gotta see the Golden Gate Bridge  (color – international orange).


We took a day tour with Dylan Tours and we can’t recommend them enough.  Our guide as born in SF and we (14 people max) on the tour were treated like family.  We did stop a Muir Woods, and Miss Peggy & I did a 1 hour hike in the woods.DSCF0245

Check out the size of these trees!DSCF0228



In Sausalito we ate at a hamburger joint that was right out of Soup Kitchen Nazi.  People were yelled at for not calling out their orders, and it was only  “what do you want on your burger & what to drink, next!”  They were lined up in the street.  No seating, just pay, take your bag, and get out.DSCF0251This is the view at the dock we sit and ate our very good burger and fries.DSCF0261

Being tourists we went to Alcatraz for a visit!DSCF0289

I had forgotten that for a number of months Native Americans took over Alcatraz.


Another shot of us & the Golden Gate from the north side after the ferry ride back.


We now are on our way up to Oregon and Crater Lake.


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