New Tire and Atlas Orthogonist

This is a big day for the Big Red Truck, she is getting new shoes!

She and I took off for Lake City right after 8 AM, got a breakfast sandwich at Hardee’s (yeah I know not part of my diet – but the truck insisted), we went to Tire Kingdom  to get her new shoes.  They put her up on the rack at 9 AM and she was done at 10:45.  It takes a while to balance and change out six big tires.  She was so proud she insisted on a wash, fresh diesel, and that I go to Wal-Mart for some “Freon” as the can went empty on Sunday’s refill.  Well – Wal-Mart was out of her brand, and I went to a place called Water Works for her wash.  She is too big to go through automatic car washes so it is wash by hand.  Being in a hurry I found out (too late) that Water Works is a dump.  The bays are all muddy and the hose you hold is so dirty it took six washes to get my hands clean.

Used to be a nice wash.

Used to be a nice wash.

We made a quick stop back at Ocean Pond for a bite of lunch.  We loaded up our friends Len & Mary Ann and took off for Valdosta, GA to see Dr. Debra Pavlovic-Oklochany.

Click on this link to read her story.

                                      Click on this link to read her story.

Dr. Debra owns Atlas Wellness of Valdosta and is a leader in the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist program, our son-in-law is Dr. George Sooley of Danville, IL is also a  Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist.  We hadn’t had x-ray updates in about 2 years and were ready for the entire package from Dr. Debra as we aren’t sure we will be able to see Dr. George prior to starting work April 1.  She had a very busy day and she takes lots of time with new clients.  Mary Ann was also there to see her.  Our appointment was late in the afternoon and we didn’t get out of her office until after 8 PM.   Click on this link Chirocorrection then hit YES.  Change the number to  

ACD  L 1.25 

Cervical  R .50 

Frontal  L 2.00 

Atlas Rotation Anterior `1.50 

Axis Rotation R 4.00 

Short Leg  Left 

Degeneration 2 

Hit continue, follow the instructions and you can see what good guys like Dr. Debra and Dr. George can do for you.  (These are my numbers)  Miss Peggy, Miss Mary and I all had adjustments today.

Dr. Debra is so interested in our life style that she is coming to Ocean Pond on Wednesday to check out how we live and do a check-up on the three of us!

She saw Docs doing things like this and she is interested.


After we left we went to Austin’s Cattle Company for a late dinner.  We returned home after 11 PM.  A very long day.

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