Church and Sunday Repairs

We started out this morning going to The Orchard Community Church in Lake City.  We think this will be our church when we return to Lake City.  First off they meet at a skating rink. That’s right, every Sunday morning they put chairs on the skate floor and take them down after the services.  Evidently,  it is working out so well so that they just purchased the building and will be turning the skating rink plus other venues into a Christian  family fun center.    They also have service in Live Oak and Jasper Florida, and are starting their fourth campus in South Ridge on Easter Sunday.  Pastor Eddie and his wife started this ministry a few years ago and with God’s blessing.  They now have a great staff and are on four campus’.  Pastor Eddie stays at the Lake City Campus.

Pastor Eddie is a dynamite preacher!

                                  Pastor Eddie is a dynamite preacher!

We spent the rest of the day cleaning the truck including the battery terminals and a total vacuum of the RV.  Before going over to our friends for a campfire, we made a little fire of our own and tried out  some campfire pies using our fire iron.


Here are a couple of what we did tonight:

Hot Ham and Cheese
Place slice of bread, buttered side down, into cooker. Place slice of ham and slice of cheese on bread. Add Dijon mustard and cover with remaining slice of bread, buttered side up. Close cooker, latch handles and grill to golden brown.

BLT Special
Fill whole wheat bread with sliced tomatoes, crisp bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise. Toast sandwich for 3 to 4 minutes in pie iron.

Cheese Steak
Fill whole wheat bread in cooker cavity, buttered side down. Add cubed, cooked beef, cheese, onions and pepper. Cover with remaining piece of bread, buttered side up. Close grill and latch handles. Bake for approximately 5 minutes.

Cherry Fried Pie
Place cherry pie filling between your choice of bread buttered on both sides.  Grill until golden brown. Sprinkle with sugar and serve.

We plan to do these, once we are organized at the Franklin RV Park, as evening snack specials.  We will also be working on a pizza pie in the future.

Update from Yesterday

I had problems (again) after posting so many pictures and couldn’t get everything in last night.  After leaving the Civil War Reenactment yesterday we drove to Sam’s Club to take the old batteries back for a refund of the battery core charge.  We decide to go on the county roads back to Lake City through Butler Lake, Florida – hey it sounded exotic.  Tripadvisor listed seven restaurants in Butler Lake.  The first we couldn’t even find, the second was closed for good, as was the third.  The fourth was the cafe in the hospital, and we couldn’t find the rest of them.  Hey there was a new Hardees in town so that is there we stopped.  So much for the exotic Butler Lake Florida!

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Luke 12:15

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