Mini-Road Trip and The Civil War

Things were peaceful at Ocean pond but that was going to change for us.

Things were peaceful at Ocean pond but that was going to change for us.

...not a soul was stirring not even a mouse!

...not a soul was stirring not even a mouse!

We  showered and were off to Williston, Florida.


We are off to Kirby Family Farm. where there is going to be a Civil War reenactment today.  We have never been to one of these and The Battle of Olustee and Battle of Ocean Pond was fought in Baker County, Florida on February 20, 1864, during the American Civil War. It was the largest battle fought in Florida during the war. We missed the 151st anniversary of this battle in February which was held a mile from Ocean Pond where they had a very big reenactment, so we are doing the next best thing.

The first thing we were greeted by was the train.

The first thing, we were greeted by was the train.

This is a small family owned park with the object of Christian family fun and education.  The owners are young. Tracy Kirby explains their mission in this Christmas Video.   Tracy being a former teacher loves to custom mold a full education day for school groups at their 157 acre farm.

When they found the train (above) in a woods, it was less than 1 hour from the farm.  They had it trucked over in sections, laid some rail (1.3 miles) and started working on getting it running.  During this process they found out it wasn’t a replica train but the real deal converted steam engine from the 1880’s.  If it was restored to the original condition it would be worth over 3 million today!

Her she comes for our ride.

                                            Here she comes for our ride.

We found out that the reenactors live on the farm in tents during this four-day event,DSC02394 Venders come to sell their ware (and also live in tents) and people are there with food for sale of course.  We opted for some frybread!

                                                       Yes, they used amps!


Preacher getting ready to pray over the wounded and dying.


This lad played with the toy guns for ever.


                          Field hospital getting ready for the wounded.

We took our fry bread and bottle water and got seats 1 hour before the battle. Even then, we were in the second row.  The announcer is a PhD from North Dakota that is a history professor and boy was he good.
The lines formed with the cannons on each side for the field.
The Battle Begins
20150314_142143DSC02430DSC02437DSC02427The train arrives with union troops, but is attacked by rebel cavalry.DSC0240820150314_143216
20150314_143141Reloading is slow.20150314_142949
We had very close seats as most of the battle was on this side of the field.

Some of the rebs are very young.


After the 55 minute battle all the troops lined up and gave a fired salute to our current troops overseas.


After the fighting had worn us out we returned to Ocean Pond (scene of the real civil war battle) and enjoyed a campfire with friends.

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