Too Beautiful in Lake City to Get Work Done!

Well the time change got us up from bed late, but we made it (barely) on time for the services at Lake City Church of God.  Today they had a guest preacher as a revival starts tonight and goes for the rest of the week.  Evangelist Carl Thomas is a young man who can really preach.

No pictures today as we got caught up with little projects and visiting with our neighbors. 🙂

Some of our projects scheduled for this coming week are:

Painting of hitch on fifth wheel

Gathering firewood

Touch up paint on hitch in truck

Painting the rear of the fifth wheel around the door

Installing 4 vent covers on roof

Re-caulking the vent from the waste water tanks

Installing 2 new batteries and inverter (waiting on cable)

We didn’t get back from visiting with all the neighbors until 7:45 PM – so much for work today!  At least I got the cables done for the TV in the bedroom.

I am sure a trip or three for supplies in Lake City will happen – too bad they don’t have a Dairy Queen!

Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.

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