Car Rental and Trip to See Friends

After much working on the transmission and talking with the good folks at our expended warranty provider it seems that we will be out of Camp Church of God Thursday late afternoon or Friday by noon.
Ole Red up on the rack.

                                                Ole Red up on the rack.

Tyler starting to pull the tranny out.

                                           Tyler starting to pull the tranny out

All of those parts from our Tranny?

                                           All of those parts from our Tranny?                                                                                        I guess a lot of trannys go bad this is the scrap pile!


   That is still a lot of little parts on the work table!!


Yup, that's our drive shaft.

                                                  Yup, that’s our drive shaft.

We decided to rent a car and called Enterprise for a cheap car, it has been a while since we had to rent one and 40 buck seemed a lot for a midget car but it gets 40 MPH.  We need to go to the post office, and pickup some packages at St. Brenden’s Isle our mail forwarder in Orange Park, FL.  We can’t recommend these folks enough, they have handles our mail since 1997.  Where ever we are they get it to us in the time they promised.  they help with DMV problems and other government relations we need in Clay County when we aren’t there.
 We have some big packages at St. Brenden’s Isle and decided to visit our friends Pastor David his wife he stole from the cradle and their lovely daughter.  They don’t live all that far from Orange Park, so after getting our packages and mail we went over to their house and later out for diner.


Miss Peggy with our friends at diner.

                                            Miss Peggy with our friends at diner.

We worked with Pastor David when they were in the Florida Keys in a mission ministry.  It was during that time that they were surprised with the birth of their daughter.  (13+ years ago).  I refer to him a Abraham as he is my age.  Shoot we have grandkids older than their first child!!  They are a great family and he has been a good mentor to me.
Tomorrow – continued work on the tranny and off (hopefully) to see more friends in North Central Florida!
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