Rainy Day Two at the Boondocking Rally

We started the rally at 10 AM.  The initial discussion was about holding tanks, these are the tanks that hold the waste “water” from the toilet (1 tank), the shower (1 tank), and the galley (kitchen – 1 tank).  The sky’s darkened at 10:20 and by 10:30 we were rained out for the day. We hold all events outside.  (This was kinda of expected).  We will resume tomorrow morning at 8 AM with group breakfast.  Peggy is helping cook and is making her World Famous Coffee Cake.  I would tell you the secret ingredient but she would have to kill me.

First World Famous Coffee Cake made in the fifthwheel

First World Famous Coffee Cake made in the fifthwheel

We went into town to mail the earrings we made the other day, a birthday card, and pick up our mail.

We went to Wal-Mart to get a few goodies shown below.  We ate at the China Kitchen which had a very tasty.  I accidently left the top to our grill sitting at Ocean Pond a week ago.  We only paid $18.00 for that charcoal grill six years ago, and it was getting a little rusty and bent.  Being the Frugal RVers we bought the cheapest charcoal Wal-Mart had. Full assembly was required.  We even had to install the name plate.


We also picked up some more of these neat solar lights.  The give a star pattern on the ground and cost nine bucks for seven.  We now have 14 of them.  We put them out for pathways, and more importantly places we might trip at night.

We love the star pattern at night.

We love the star pattern at night.

A trip hazard at night it not lighted.

A trip hazard at night it not lighted.

We noticed that our refrigerator wasn’t work quite right this morning while running on gas, so I clean our all the jets and we pray that it is working well again.

Outer cover removed.

Outer cover removed.

I had to remove the outer cover and then some inner covers from the fridge.

The gas burner is at the bottom.

The gas burner is at the bottom.

All cleaned.

All cleaned.

This is it all put back together.


The upper cover is to vent any heat out; there is a small fan up there which I didn’t check out because I had to do this between the rain drops.


This is our gas station, yes we carry 28 gallons of gasoline with an electric pump and hose like you would find on an old gas pump.



Did I mention the rain.

Did I mention the rain.

We also worked on a project to hold shoes on the side of the bed.  We had this on our first fifthwheel.  Not only does it free up closet space, make all shoes very accessible, but also keeps them in the air.  Camping world sells this for $32.00 per side, we bought one for 9 bucks at Wal-Mart, cut it to size, put in grommets (Yes we have all the tools to make awnings etc.) and mounted it on both sides of the bed.  I have room for 4 pairs of shoes, Peggy for 8 Pairs. 🙂


This is our travel map showing all the states we have camped in; it is on the inside of our door so when the door is open (most of the day light) it can be seen.


We pray for no rain tomorrow.

Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church – a love marked by giving, not getting.  Ephesians 5:25

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